Notary Services in Thailand

Notary services refer to the provision of legal services that ensure the accuracy and reliability of legal documents under Thai law. This is achieved by affixing the stamp or signature of a Notarial Services Attorney on documents to certify the correctness of their content and authenticity.

Benefits of Notarized Documents

Documents notarized by us enable our clients to conduct various transactions abroad more easily and with increased confidence. These documents are certified for accuracy and reliability by a knowledgeable notary who possesses legal expertise and the ability to authenticate documents. Our trusted experience in providing notary services ensures that your documents are credible and accepted both domestically and internationally.

The use of notarized documents can be beneficial for various transactions including:
  • Opening bank accounts: Notarized documents help in verifying identity and address.
  • Buying or selling land or real estate: Notarized documents provide confidence to both buyers and sellers.
  • Visa applications or change of residency: Notarized documents confirm the accuracy of personal information.
  • Conducting business activities abroad: Notarized documents authenticate contracts and business terms.


Our Services At A.L.A.B. CONSULTANT CO., LTD, we have a team of lawyers specialized in providing various forms of notary services, including the affixing of stamps or signatures on legally recognized documents. We offer efficient and quality services to support the sustainable growth of your business.

Benefits of Using Notary Services with Us
  • Trustworthiness and accuracy: We certify the accuracy of your documents according to the law.
  • Convenience: Our services are convenient and prompt, allowing you to conduct business without worry.
  • Conflict prevention: Prevent legal disputes with accurately notarized documents.


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"We are pleased to provide reliable and high-quality notary services to enhance the prosperity of your business."

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